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Beverly Williams- Chief Executive Officer

Beverly is the driving force behind the overall mission and vision of Suncoast New Options, Inc. with over 34 years experience in the human services field. Her caring and compassion for the individuals that are served by our Agency is unparalleled. She believes that all individuals deserve a chance and that the word "Can't," should never be used in designing and providing services to Individuals with developmental disabilities. Nothing is impossible with Bev; she has been one of the leading pioneers in the developmental disabilities (DD) service arena her entire career. Throughout the years, Bev has worked very closely with the State of Florida at the district level to promote the maximum amount of independence for all individuals. Bev is a State Certified Supported Living and Supported Employment Trainer. Bev keeps in contact with the individuals Suncoast serves, making sure they are happy with the supports being provided to them. She is always available to an individual being served and is always ready to listen. Bev enjoys spending time with all our folks and at every function held by Suncoast. She loves her individuals and is loved by them all!!!


Michele M. Barnes - Chief Financial Officer

Michele is one of the founding members of Suncoast New Options, Inc. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and is responsible for the Fiscal Accountability and Medicaid Integrity of the Agency. Michele takes great care in billing for medically necessary services as they are outlined on an individual’s Service Authorizations. She is committed to providing the most cost effective services to insure an individual’s budget is able to meet their personal needs for services. Michele is a Board Member of Florida Association of Residential Facilities advocating for public policy change for individuals with disabilities and community agencies that serve them. She is an ardent supporter of the Individual’s Rights. Michele enjoys spending time with Suncoast individuals attending their special activities and events whenever she can.


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