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About Suncoast New Options


Suncoast New Options, Inc. was founded by Beverly Williams in May 1996 as a Home and Community Based Waiver Provider in the State of Florida, licensed through The Agency for Persons with Disabilities.

The founding members are committed to providing quality services using a person-centered approach to individuals with developmental disabilities. By providing education, experience, and exposure to the individuals, they are able to make informed choices and decisions regarding all aspects of their life. Because the management staff is so committed, the values and philosophy is intrinsic in our daily interactions with employees and individuals.


We provide experienced and knowledgeable staff available 24 hours per day. On going training ensures that staff remain up-to-date and enthusiatic about the work they perform. Suncoast New Options, Inc. takes pride in employing staff that are dedicated to a "team effort" and possess special talents for understanding individual consumer needs.


The Executive Leaders of Suncoast New Options, Inc. have over 75 years combined experience supporting developmentally disabled individuals. Our personal beliefs that individuals cannot fail at living in the community when they are offered the supports they need, this belief has been embraced, and has permeated throughout our entire service delivery philosophy.


Our experience has allowed us to successfully provide services to individuals with dual diagnosis of developmental disability and mental health disability, to individuals with severe physical disabilities and to individuals offering behavioral challenges. Allowing individuals to drive their services and have valued input regarding their life has allowed us to be successful in supporting individuals with some very challenging needs.

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